Niboshi Chuka Ramen

Thin Noodles

Small       (180g) 700円
Medium    (240g) 750円
Large      (350g) 850円

Thick Noodles 

Small (180g) 700円 

Medium(240g) 750円
Large (350g) 850円

You also may chose to have extra oil put onto your ramen.  Please say (Asari) for no oil or (Kotteri) for more oil.


Small  750円 

Medium 800円

Large  900円

Special Menu 


Small 800円

Medium 900円

Large 1000円

Optional Toppings

50円 Toppings  

Raw Egg、Natto

100円 Toppings

Boiled egg, Nori Seaweed, Deadball, Bamboo Shoots, Scallions, Extra Seaweed 



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