Greetings from the president

Thank you very much for interest in Mokkedano Foods Group.

My name is Haruki Saito, the founder and president of this company. 


Our firm was first started in 2015 with the opening of our first ramen restaurant in Tsuruoka city in Yamagata Prefecture.  The opening of this restaurant represents the accumulation of experiences and passion growing up surrounding the food culture Yamagata Prefecture and the cultural values of my family here in the Shonai Region.


Yamagata Prefecture is the largest consumer of ramen in Japan by volume, and like many here, ramen is the soul food of my childhood that has formed the basis for my passion to create delicious ramen.


In my childhood, the deep and sincere effort my family would make to  serve and delight our visiting friends and relatives from afar represents the pinnacle of service that we at Mokkedano Foods strive to match for all of our customers. 


Through each bowl of ramen and each customer we serve, Mokkedano Foods Group seeks to extend our service from the Shonai Region to the entirety of the Tohoku Region and abroad to the rest of the world.  We will continue to challenge ourselves as we strive for this large ambition and look forward to your continued business with our company. 

Haruki Saito
President and CEO of Mokkedano Foods 

Company Profile

Company Name                           Mokkedano Foods Service KK

Operations Information                 Furinkazan and Chuka Soba Kumo No Ito Chain Franchises 


Date Founded                           July, 1st, 2017


Capital                                JPY 3,000,000


Number of Employees (consolidated)     30 (including part-time workers)         


Head Office                         Yamagata Prefecture, Sakata City, Hiyoshicho 2-1-22


Phone Number                           +81-0234-43-6580

Company History 

March 2015:    Ramen Furin Kazan Tsuruoka Head Store was opened in Tsuruoka City

April 2016:    Ramen Furin Kazan  

July  2017:   Chuka Soba Kumo No Ito Tsuruoka Store was opened in Sakata City.

December 2017: Chuka Soba Kumo No Ito Sakata Store was opened in Sakata City.

April 2018:   Kazan Shokudo was opened in the newly established Shinsei Manami Highschool. 

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所在地    山形県酒田市日吉町2−1-22
本部電話番号  0234-43-6580

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