About Our Ramen

Rich and Thick Noodles


Our restaurant's noodles are made fresh each morning from scratch for each of our locations.  

We use a special formula and production process that allows our noodles to be deliciously thick but also consistently soft.  

These noodles pair perfectly with our rich tonkotsu ramen broth!

Rich and Savory Ramen

As much as possible, we try to use locally produced products for our ramen.   

Our delicious and rich tonkotsu broth is produced from high quality  pork sourced right here in Shonai. 


We are also famous for the generously thick slice of Shonai Taisho Pork served with our ramen.  

How to Enjoy our Ramen 

1. Raise the noodles from under the vegetables. To cool them off slightly.

2.  Try mixing some of the many sides to consume with the noodles. 

3. Mix the garlic and ginger into the middle of your bowl for a bolder and delicious taste.

4.  Take a moment to rest and drink some water after your feast!

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